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Millions of years ago, pterosaurs roamed the skies, and now they rule the Museum! In the exhibition Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of the Dinosaurs visitors can see rare fossils, life-size models, and experience hands-on interactives that bring these ancient animals to life. Want to take Pterosaurs with you? Two iPad apps let you learn more at the push of a button. 

With the free Pterosaurs exhibition iPad app, adapted from the 2014 exhibition, get an in-depth look at these fascinating flying reptiles and the latest fossil discoveries that reveal how these animals walked, flew, ate, and more. 

Also make sure to download the companion app for Pterosaurs: The Card Game! This game and app explores amazing ancient reptiles and their food chains.

Guys it is SO FUN to make the Pterosaur fly!!! Go get this.

Do not hope that he will notice your uncomfortable position and cede you your fair share of the armrest. In the history of time, no man has ever silently anticipated the needs of a woman. (BROAD GENERALIZATION) As surely as your father will never notice of his own volition if the dishwasher is full and start unloading the clean silverware without prompting, no male flier will ever say, “Oh, were you using that?” and gently withdraw his meaty pincer. You are your own champion today, sister. It is a feminist victory whenever a woman makes it through a flight without losing the majority of the shared armrest to the man sitting next to her.

How To Maintain Control Of The Shared Armrest: A Guide For Women Flying Alone

I basically enacted this scenario on my recent trip to Oregon. The extraordinarily twitchy dude next to me kept hitting me with the armrest so I invaded it when he reached down for his bag, after which I refused to move for like an hour.

Disorienting men by being as presumptuous with shared space as they are is one of my favorite activities. 

PNW. #leftcoastlove

PNW. #leftcoastlove

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